The Lost Angel opened in 2009, known for handcrafted cocktails and a spirit list that takes its inspiration from the great historical recipes and distillers of a bygone London. In 2012 the venue was refurbished with the addition of a British steak house; The Gaslight Grill. Combing the romance of a Victorian country estate with the hedonistic edge of a 19th century Gin Palace, setting the scene for a vibrant but thoroughly discerning dining and drinking experience.

As the Heady nights of the weekend appear the Lost Angel creates a Devil may care attitude with DJ's and Live performers taking centre stage in the main room through till the early hours.

Dinner reservations are available in The Gaslight for a maximum of 10 people whilst the bar can accommodate for parties up to 100 people. To make an enquiry click here or call 020 7622 2112